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One Elephant Went Out to Play

Published on March 12, 2015 under Uncategorized


Elephants ! Some things we learned today about elephants were they are usually around 8 foot tall not quite as tall as a giraffe.  We learned that they breathe ,eat and drink through their trunks  We learned a boy elephant is called a bull and a girl elephant is called a cow.


We also talked a lot about zebras and the patterns on their fur.  We read that patterns are EVERYWHERE .


We used marbles in a box to paint a picture of a zebra.





















My favorite is watching the kids ” work ” in their costumes .



We spent a lot of extra time outside this morning.  We had a lot of aggressive energy we needed to work out .  I know the time change has been hard.  Please try to get your child back on a good sleeping schedule..


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