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Little Yellow and Little Blue

Published on March 19, 2015 under Uncategorized

Today we started our day with a book called ” Little Yellow and Little Blue.” In the story the two colors are best friend and they go out to play. The hug and guess what happens. They turn green !

Most of our activities today were planned to experience color mixing or highlight the color green !

Sometimes I set up provocations – an activity set out without instruction just to see what the children will do.










































We mixed yellow and blue paint to make green.


There was a shades of green matching game.























We practiced our cutting skills by cutting out green things.




We made a list of green things.





We wrote with green in our journals.






















We started a science activity .   The colors may mix by the end of nap time but surely by morning.



Nothing like mixing yellow and blue icing for snack to make a green treat .










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