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Published on March 11, 2015 under Uncategorized


Today was a really great day.   We continued to learn more about jungle animals.





















In small groups we played a game called ” feed the monkey .”   The child would take a numbered card and feed the monkey that many bananas.











































In circle time we read Goodnight Gorilla and used a talk picture of a real monkey to create conversation.



For breakfast as a cooking activity we made monkey treats. We took bananas and spread peanut butter over them with a plastic knife and them rolled  the banana in rice krispies. And then of course we ate them.
























Several times throughout the morning I saw the children retelling the story ” 5 monkeys jumping on the bed ” with our props.
























The only thing on our lesson plan we didnt get to was playing a game of ” monkey see monkey do.”  Maybe you can do that at home !


Oh  ! And a gorilla came and answered questions the kids had.  You know what was really cool ?  Sometimes kids this age have a problem using questions and just make statements but MANY of these kiddos were spot on asking something they wanted to know .




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