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Published on February 25, 2015 under Uncategorized

Have you noticed we have been heavy in math activities this week ?    This happens EVERY time I look at my worksampling report or my Qualls scores.  Literacy is easy to get lost in with preschoolers . Math is sometimes a struggle.  It comes natural to use math throughout our day. We count how many children are in a center. We play with unit blocks and make patterns. We use terms like more and less and most and least.  But in a large group setting with math it is harder to tell if they are ” getting it .”

We graphed gummi bears today.  Did you know gummi bears are my favorite snack of all times ? I know, I have seen those videos too but yummmmmmmy.  🙂





















As I am getting ready to do end of the year assessments and look at each child and see if there is anything that needs ” tweaked ” a little more  we will do a few teacher directed projects. Today we we talking about the word hibernation so the kiddos colored a hibernating bear and then cut it out for me.  The funny thing is you know we rarely ever do a ” coloring sheet”  but these kiddos are awesome at coloring.  I think it shows the research is right !   If you give them all the tools and toys to work on fine motor skills ( playdoh, lacing, etc.. ) the writing and drawing will come easy when it is time. They were so proud of their ” work.”























We also were little scientist today. We put a gummy bear in a glass of water  and talked about what we thought would happen to it.  Most of the kids thought it would change colors.  One child said sink and one said get smaller.  We will check it again after nap.  What do you think will happen ? I will leave it on the sign out table so you can check your guess !









































I am such a dork teacher.  My friend that was afraid of the song yesterday … ?  Remember him ?  Today he was so brave and he smiled , danced and sang all the way through the song.  I cried.  What.  A Dork.




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