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A Storm is Coming

Published on February 10, 2015 under Uncategorized

Yesterday many of our activities were related to the book ” Miss Wishy Washy.” Today we read a storm is coming .  Its a story about the animals on a farm that get scared because a ” storm ” is coming. They think ” Storm ” is a big scary mean person.   We have to be really careful how much we assume children know.    Children take things we say literally just like the animals on the farm.  The animals in the story of course were ok after the storm passed.  After reading the story we did a tornado drill.   Tornado drills like fire drills can sometimes be a little disturbing to children but they all did great today !   Better to be in good practice if we ever really need to use the skill !  During free play I put some literacy props out for the children to reenact the story with .

One of the games we played today was a math game with ducks.  The child would roll the dice and put that many ducks in the ” pond.”  The next roll they would take away the correct number of ducks


Ms Angie a therapist with NWA Early Education Cooperative came to play.  We love her.





















The kids made homemade chicken salad for lunch today.  We put the ingredients on their plate and they mixed  and spread.























It was another beautiful day to play outside.  We walked around the corner to see the progress on the house we  have watched be built from the ground up.   Its getting quite large now. What a great experience for the kids.






















Mr Randy is completely excited about his bike and showed the kids his gear today.  I guess he ran into Gage the other day and Gage did not know who he was !










































Its nice to know when our friends are not feeling well we can take the time to connect and try to help them.






















And… we are still having a lot of farmer fun ! Dont forget Thursday is ” Dress like a farmer ” day !


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