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Oh Christmas tree !

Published on December 17, 2014 under Uncategorized

Our day started with ornaments on the table ready to be painted .  The kids enjoyed them . They are drying and will be put in the bag with the rest of their ornaments to be sent home closer to Christmas.


We used our pincher grip today to pull stickers  and decorate a Christmas tree.  Pinch your pointer and thumb together like you are pulling a sticker. That is the same motion as a pencil grip.  🙂


Santa is still alive and well in the playroom.




It makes me happy when I see little ones name appear at the easel.


As we bundled up to go outside we realized it was sleeting . Oh well, lets do it anyway and let the kids experience what sleet is ! We took a small walk and listened to the sleet hit the ground. We watched the sleet bounce off the top of a metal roof.  I saw some kiddos with their tongues stuck out trying to taste the sleet . We touched the  sleet with our hands.  We almost used all five senses to explore the sleet !



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