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You gotta do do do do do do do .. Do what the policeman tells you to do.

Published on October 8, 2014 under Uncategorized

Today we had a very important visitor.  Officer Mc Allister from Northside came to visit us.  He showed us all the tools on his utility belt and talked to us about being safe.























He let us hold his handcuffs.























He really was a nice guy.  When it came time for questions ( which the difference between a question and a statement is a very hard concept for preschoolers to grasp ) we had some very good questions.  Gage asked two questions. One of them was  ” What do you do if there is an emergency. ? Then Izzy asked ” Can I hug you?”  He of course said yes and everyone got a hug.




After he left we all pretended we were policemen and went on a license plate hunt.  I explained how license plates are all different and linked to a person.   We looked at the license plates and talked about the letters and numbers and tried writing them on our clip boards.  The clip boards are out all the time but rarely used. I am hoping this will entice them to use them for pretend writing more.


































I want to brag for a minute. The kids were AMAZING when Officer McAllister was here .  They listened attentively .  I was so proud.  I am not into bribing  and not really into rewarding children for expected behavior but I was SO excited I gave them each a sucker.





















During journal time someone drew a fireman !





















There were a few different toys available to play with today.



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