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Making Applesauce

Published on October 2, 2014 under Uncategorized

Today was a productive busy day.  Even though the rain was rolling in we did get some outside play time.

Before even going in this morning we practiced ” stopping.”   We are teaching out little friends to use their powerful words and tell their friends to STOP when they dont like what they are doing to them.  If a child is hitting or pushing the person being affected is taught to say in a strong voice ” STOP, You MAY NOT hit me.  Hitting hurts. ”  Some of our friends struggle with being able to stop.  As I was thinking about our walk yesterday and one of our rules (  We freeze when a car comes ) it dawned on my that we may need to practice ” stopping .” So we played a game like red light green light but used the word STOP.  After we got pretty good at that we played ninja and power rangers and practiced kicking and punching the air and then STOPPING .  Sometimes we expect kids to KNOW what we mean.  Lets take  time to show them the expectation then we know they have been introduced to the skill.


We cut up apples to make homemade applesauce . The kids used plastic knives.


After cutting up the apples we added all the ingredients to start cooking the applesaice in the crockpot.  Tomorrow we will eat it.



There were apples out to paint with  Some of the kids used the smocks for the first time.


We read  ” Ten Apples Up on Top” and practiced balancing apples on our head.


We counted ten apples and put them on a tigers head on a piece of paper.


We wrote in our journals and some of our friends wrote A’s and some drew apples.



I introduced the calendar today.  Children do not have the concept of today , tomorrow and yesterday yet.  We use the calendar to count down to important events .


And we tasted red, yellow and green apples and graphed which was our favorite .






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