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Acorns Everywhere !

Published on October 14, 2014 under Uncategorized

Is it just me or are acorns a lot smaller than they were when I was a child ?  The acorns seem to small .  We read a book about a squirrel and his acorns  today. He would gather, dig and busy, gather , dig and bury.  We talked about why he might bury his acorns and what will happen if he forgets where he put them.

Ms Dallas played a game with letters and real acorns . The children would spin an acorn and then identify the letter it landed on.



We also made another color emergent reader.   I encourage you to read the little books they make it school.






















Our days are starting to flow a little easier this week.   We are seeing less meltdowns and some of our friends are getting a little more control of their hands.  We are spending less of our day saying ” Hands are not for hitting .”  That is a good sign.

Some fun pictures of our day.

Gabrielle is investigating a small oak branch looking at the acorns still attached.






















Boys play house too.  Gage is taking care of his baby and giving it medicine.



This is a popular toy this week . It has a motor and gears.  The children have explored many different ways to make them all move.





















Bentley was getting very detailed in the block center .






















And of course, the mud kitchen is in full operation outside with the rainfall and the leaves.



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