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Adventure Day

Published on September 3, 2014 under Uncategorized

Today was an adventure.  It is much harder to have 15 brand new littles than we thought.  Some of our friends are really having challenges and that makes it tough for all of us.   We can handle this. We have the tools.  We know none of them have the intention to make the day hard, so we continue to work, and to teach positive ways to solve problems


Today we did a matching game with the magnetic letters and our name.

We had fun trying to cut as part of our Dial 3 assessment.

We graphed what color hair we have as we continued to talk about how we each are unique.

We had our second ” cooking experience.”  The kids spread butter on crackers.


As you can see,  even though there seems to be chaos we are still plugging along striving for routine and normalcy.  I have faith that it will come.



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