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Music and Math

Published on August 27, 2014 under Uncategorized

Today was a super busy day but didnt seem as packed with emotions .

The music center is one of the groups favorite centers to play in . It is quite noisy here most days.  There are drums banging , IPODS playing, maracas shaking and guitars being strummed.  There is almost always someone on the stage singing with a microphone in their hand.  Today I introduced the music center and taught the kids how to use the instruments correctly .  Soon I will have Mr. Randy bring his big guitar in and play with the kids.  They always love that.


In circle time we did music and heard a book about Franklins first day at school. His day was a lot like our days at preschool. He played with blocks, he painted and he played outside. We also did our first graph. Are you a boy or are you a girl ? Everyone was successful.




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