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Ms Dallas

Published on May 20, 2014 under Uncategorized

Today we get to celebrate Ms DallaS.  DallaS came to me 3 years ago and wanted ( she thought ) to put her daughter Kat into preschool . She was pregnant with Rani at the time and was quite emotional about letting Kat go .  It was a big thing to her.  DallaS like most moms was a little uneasy about allowing someone else to be such a big part of Kat’s life.

She enrolled.

She started volunteering  and would come to play .

She loved it.

We started using her as a substitute.


The next year Dallas worked for me part time. Each year we have added a few more hours.  In order to have the possibility of ever working in an official capacity in our program DallaS needed to take a CDA course and fulfill the requirements to get that accreditation.  Almost every Thursday this whole school year DallaS has left her children ( sacrifice !) and went to a class in Springdale in the evening.    She has studied child development , classroom management and a whole host of other things that have made her the amazing teacher she is.




Today was her last classroom observation.  As I created small talk with her assessor she said ” This is great. Yall are amazing.”  What a compliment from someone that TEACHES TEACHERS!  Dallas and Randy and I do make a great team.  We balance each others weaknesses out.  I am NOT a perfectionist but Randy and Dallas are. So, if it needs done right, they do it.  If it needs done fast, I do it . I could give you many examples of how our team works but hopefully you see it and you know .


I am so proud of DallaS and the skills and more importantly the confidence she has gained this year .  Its hard to even imagine her as the mommy afraid to let her little one go three years ago.  She is very capable to run a preschool classroom and take care of the 100’s of things we do each day.  Family Childcare Providers are not like normal preschool teachers. We dont have a cook that prepares and delivers meals.  We dont have a secretary that takes care of our paperwork.  We dont have a nurse that bandages boo-boos. We dont have a principal that helps smooth parent issues.  We dont have a counselor that helps children or parents with social issues. It is us.  Dallas is one of us now and she is amazing.


Congrats DallaS, You did it !


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