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More Eric Carle

Published on May 14, 2014 under Uncategorized

Today we read another one of Eric Carles books called This is Monday.  It is a great book about the days of the week. We talked about the days of the week and reviewed the words yesterday and tomorrow.  Kids  this age still have a hard time figuring out these terms .

We also made a caterpillar collage  the way that Eric Carle illustrates many of his books – with tissue paper.  I always love this process and the way the colors mix and transform as you add the glue water mixer and layer the papers.


We also did a weekly reader that is a few years old. I hold on to those suckers because they dont always compliment what we are doing at the time they arrive.  Today’s was a stretch — it was about lady bugs and we have an Eric Carle book about a lady bug…. hmmm




There was a new toy on the table that promotes fine motor skills and it was very popular.




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