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Sweet Potatoes

Published on January 30, 2014 under cooking with kids


















Today was all about sweet potatoes.  We washed , we measured, we weighed and we cooked sweet potatoes all day.  This is our new foods mascot named Wendy . She gives a cheer to find out WHOOOOOOOOO tried it !















One of our activities was choosing which toppings to add to the sweet potatoes. It was set up like an ice cream bar. It was interesting to watch the kids choose what to add .  You could hear ” I LIKE coconut ” or ” I LOVE pineapple. ”















Alex trying to balance sweet potatoes .





















Carter washing a sweet potato.

















Our buddy Ty got new glasses today.  Doesnt he look awesome ?




















Lilly having fun with the scales.



























The block room has been a  busy place .








Wonderful buildings are being built !
















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