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Positional Words

Published on January 28, 2014 under jungle

We spent a lot of time today reading and playing games that involved positional words like beyond, behind and on top of.  First we read a book called ” Elephants Aloft .” It was the story of an elephant that got in a hot air balloon and  the author used positional words to move him across the world to his aunts home .  The kids loved telling me what he was beyond ( the rainbow ) or going through ( the clouds.)






















We also played a card game. Each child had a small animal and on each card we were instructed to place it somewhere. Under the table or in front of the child or between the two cards are examples.























We completed our lions from yesterday.
























We also mixed black and white paint today to find the color gray.  I didnt give instructions.  I  waited to see who would make the first observation of the color change.































































Evidently there was a super-hero meeting at the light table.











































We did go outside today ( me too ) but we bundled up well.  I have extra hats and gloves the kids can wear when they are here if they forgot their own.  It really wasnt too bad in the sun.  We came inside to a warm bowl of chicken tortilla soup that most of the kids loved with a grilled cheese and apples.





















I love this time of year when I see the kiddos going into kindergarten sitting and writing .It gives me that wonderful feeling that they are ready. I know we have prepared them socially to navigate all the new relationships they will have .  Then seeing the proof that academically they are exactly where they need to be also makes me smile.



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