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Park day in Anticipation of the Snow Storm of 2013

Published on December 4, 2013 under Christmas

Normally on Wednesdays ( and Mondays ) we have visitors here doing speech therapy and such but today they called in so we took advantage of the warm weather to get in one more park play date.  Mr Leo was here to play so he came along and played freeze tag and wore these kiddos out.  ( And him too.. I think. )

























































The challenge in our advent calendar today was to cut snow flakes !














































































Before leaving we did a science experience .  We put colored candy canes in warm water and watched the colors melt off and separate.  The kids were pretty amazed.  There is a candy cane in your child’s cubby so you can do it again at home OR…. eat the candy cane.







We also did a ( shhhhh ) coloring sheet today while we bought time.  We had 15 extra minutes and we were all tired.  I was impressed that the kids had remembered the last time we talked about ” how to color .” Many of them took their time. I think you will be impressed !

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  1. Marcella Bingham

    Debbie, I was really impressed with the fact that not one of the kids didn’t have a smile on their face in the pics you posted. They really had fun. You do such a good job. Also, I think back to a year ago and know where Ty was and am so pleased at where he is now. Great job. 🙂

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