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More Fire Safety

Published on October 2, 2013 under fire safety

A cooking experience with nutella ? You bet !  STOP LIGHTS
































































Stop lights made with paint.   In this activity we talked about top, middle and bottom and of course the colors and what they meant.






















During small groups we played a math game and used our fine motor skills to slip the tiny clothes pin on the right number .













































Ms Gabby  and M,r Hugo. came today and taught the kids how to say fire in Spanish and showed them a short fire safety video in spanish.



Outside Kaden’s dad Brian came and built an obstacle course with the kids.  They worked on it for a very long time.


Another game from outside was a water bucket relay.



They boys were enjoying another new game that was out on the table today. Our materials are always being rotated.




During circle time today we read Alphabet Rescue


and played a game.  I put four like objects on the tray and took one away.  Each child would try to guess what was missing.


As you can see, another busy day.


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