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Joannie Uses One Hammer

Published on October 23, 2013 under construction

Joannie works with one hammer , one hammer , one hammer, Joannie works with one hammer, then she works with two.   Does anyone else know this song ? This kids love it. We use actions with  the song.



New materials out on the table today.  The kids enjoyed the new toy I picked up at the manna center that was plastic pieces with plastic nuts and bolts. Its original intended use was to build a car but we just used it for fine motor fun.



Give a kid a lock and a key and they will sit for a very long time trying to make it work.  Today we had three locks with keys. The kids had to figure out which lock went with each key to open.



There was also a stacking house set that I picked up at the manna center yesterday. Such fun teaching treasures can be found at thrift stores.


We also made fall trees today with our arm and hand prints and glued on sparkly leaves.


I love walking in and seeing this.





There was also some hammering practice going on with a piece of heavy styrofoam , golf tees and play hammers.




Outside we finally gathered tools for our real tool bench area. If you have tools or wood scraps at home that you would like to donate to that are, please send them to school.


It was a good day.



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