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Wowzers , Today just flew by !

Published on May 7, 2013 under Uncategorized

Today has been a busy day  .   Randy and I worked alone today and I was pretty happy with how the morning was going .

The kids finished up lunch which was delish  and then headed outside to play with Randy and Channings mom.  I went into the kitchen and thought ” Wow ! I have an hour to do the dishes and sweep the floor. ” Kat come in to use the bathroom and came up to the kitchen. I asked her did she need help and she said ” Yes, but there is a stranger in a black car outside and I dont know who it is.”  I walked to the door to see and It was Candace , our licensing person.

An hour an a half later when she has viewed all the rooms ( Including my bedroom ) she leaves.  The sink is still full and the floor still needs swept.


Oh well…. there was  nothing out of compliance and my feelings are just a little hurt for her having to go into my bedroom ( new rule they are enforcing ) to see my weakness.   I CANNOT keep my bedroom clean!  Oh well.. everyone needs to be humbled from time to time.   :/

It really was a good day .


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