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The circus is coming to town

Published on May 9, 2013 under Circus




















The circus is coming to town. These little guys have worked so hard on practicing for our circus.  I am tickled at how well they are doing .  I would say one of the best programs we have had  !  Here are some pictures from our practice today.
























We also had a lot of dress up and reading going on today. Everywhere I turned people were reading books and wearing dress up clothes.











































































Ms Dallas did a craft project with the kids this morning.  It was a clown made of pom poms.  Lots of learning going on in this simple art experience.

Picking out 7 pom poms .

Sorting colors

using materials appropriately ( glue )

Fine motor ( drawing mouth on )

Cognitive skills ( just thinking through how they wanted their clown to look. )























































The weather was perfect for a walk. One of the things we enjoy doing when we are walking is look for numbers.  They are everywhere.




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