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Valentines Week Begins !

Published on February 11, 2013 under Uncategorized

Tiana was back today. She brought her mom who played and helped the kids with their names again.  I think they were both glad to be back.  We were glad to have them !


We started a ” love tree” today.  I took a simple branch from the yard and the kids are decorating it with hearts and words  of  “things they love.” We have nana, mom , dad, me and water !  This will be an ongoing project all week.  Its a great opportunity for the kids to practice cutting hearts ( or just cutting in general ) and writing or watching a teacher write what they say.  It is really looking beautiful !





















We did a math estimation activity today. The kids traced around their hands ( like we did for turkeys at Thanksgiving ) and then we guessed or estimated how many hearts would it take to fill up their handprint.  The highest number I heard was 20 and it took many more than that. Estimation helps build number sense – knowing that twenty hearts would take up much more space than 2 hearts.  Another example are the cups we use at school. They all hold the same amount of liquid but because of the way they are shaped some ” look ” bigger than the others.   The kids always of course want the BIG one.  🙂































































Joslyn had fun playing with Mr. Randy’s phone today. This was one of his Christmas presents that turns his IPHONE into a regular hand held phone.  They had fun. She was listening to kids music on ITUNES through the head piece.


Thursday is VALENTINES DAY!  Have you made your child’s carrier with them to put their friends Valentines in that day ? Also, remember, on your child’s Valentines only write your chld’s name ( best case scenario have THEM write their name ) and leave the TO: section blank. This will make it much easier to pass out the Valentines .  It took me  many many years to learn to do this and many may headaches later .  🙂




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