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Published on January 22, 2013 under math

I am under the weather today so Ms Dallas and Mr Randy are in charge today.  I think , from the sounds I have heard, that the kids had a great day.   As I laid in my bedroom with the door open I could hear the laughter, the music and the conversations.  Mind you , I can be very critical of myself and others that work with children.  I heard lots of positive interactions and the sweetest thing to me was the relationships between the kids and Dallas and Randy.  I know. I know.. kids should be taught respect for teachers and how they interact together but I guess I consider us different.  Different as in , we are not ” teachers” that demand boundaries .  I think boundaries sometimes inhibit relationships and right now at three and four our kids dont need boundaries, they need love and fun and genuine caring.  Maybe I am melodramatic today as I dont feel well.  Maybe I am just a sap.  But ,  on a day when one would expect everything to be a little off kilter ) since the lead teacher with control issues was out ) it was a fantastic day.  You could hear love from one end of the house to the other and that makes me smile HUGE.  Job well done Randy and Dallas !

Early in the morning Dallas read a book called ” Zebra Stripes” to the children. The rest of the day the kids were on a pattern hunt.  They found them on toys ! They found patterns in themselves and things they were standing on !

From Hub Pages -” Patterns help children learn sequencing and to make predictions which leads to mathematical skills, logic structure in algebra, and to establishing order in life. A toddler will sort green blocks from yellow ones as he builds a tower. He begins to notice things may repeat in a certain order by size, shape or color. An older preschool child notices slightly more complicated sequencing such as knowing the days of the week, months of the year or odd and even numbering.”


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