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Park Day !

Published on January 11, 2013 under field trips

Today we tore paper .




















We crumbled it up.




















And we pretended the pieces of paper were snowballs and had a snowball fight !

Snowallb Fight

Believe it or not, paper tearing great activity to help develop the small muscles in the hands.  At first your child will attempt to wrap his fist around two sides and pull in order to tear.  It is impossible and often frustrating for the child.  This is completely normal.   As he gets older, he’ll learn to use his thumb and forefinger in opposing directions.  Bu It takes practice.  Hence the reason for the activity.  That and the fact that we got to throw paper in our classroom and that was fun !

Then…. we went to the park.   I have had this in mind all week knowing that the temperature was supposed to be unseasonably warm .  It didnt reach the 70 degrees that was forecasted but it still felt so great – especially when the sun was shining !



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