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Still new experiences every day

Published on August 30, 2012 under pirates

Today we added water play.  There are still several items that are normal parts of our day that we have not added.  Overwhelming children with materials just to say ” they are offered” is never a good choice.  Slowly introducing them after we have gotten into a routine seems to work better for our group.  Today we added water play.  You would think that just putting a tub of water out should be pretty easy but it’s not.  The other day I introduced a science experience called ” sink and float.” That activity introduced the way we play with water and the things we could do with water and other tools used in it.  Our rules for water play are ”

1.  Only one person can have their hands in the water at a time. It is a one person center.

2 .  Before and after using the water table area our hands must be washed.

Now that we have gotten into our routine a little better I felt we could  add another area with a couple more rules to follow.

Why do we do water play ?

Here is a great website with information if you are curious !

More mommies today !  Ms Mellissa came back to play today since yesterday was more work as she did our assessments  and Mikkeala was back too !  ( I promise I wont announce it every day , I am just SO happy and overwhelmed at the number of parents partnering with me with this year !

In addition to that we have therapist / developmental and speech teachers in and out all week . Many times they stop to play with all of the children .


As a fun extra activity today Ms Dallas made pirates hats and the kids decorated them.


And last but not least today we read one of my favorite books.  It doesnt have anything to do  with  pirates or “back to school ” but I love it and wanted the kids to hear it and love it also.  As I expected, they loved ” Pete the Cat .”  One of the things many parents have said is a good winding down activity for their child at night before bedtime is to read this blog together . Many times it sparks conversations about the child’s day at school that you wouldnt otherwise get to hear.  With that in mind, sometimes I post links I know they would enjoy.  Here’s you go !




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