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MOVIE day!

Published on May 14, 2012 under Uncategorized

The next three days we are throwing our schedule out the window and enjoying ourselves. We will mostly still have meals , snacks and naps but we wont be watching the clock as closely as we usually do.

This morning was beautiful. The kids played outside and I was praying they  were getting some of that excess energy out before we set down for an hour and a half movie.  Julie came to play today!

It is amazing how long the younger kids will stand looking at the tree if they ask you if the tree ( with a face ) can talk and instead of directly answering their question you reply ” does it have a mouth ?”  As you see them walk away you go by and say ” did it talk yet?” and it refocuses them.  Yes.. this was my entertainment this morning. 🙂

We watched Curious George 2.  Amazingly  the kids sat through the whole thing.  Wow  We have watched one movie this year ( Polar Express ) and we stopped it periodically to do activities. I love that we are a TV free facility.  Today was a treat.  Funny thing is.. at lunch the kids were asking  ” when is circle time?” :” why didnt we play inside today.?”  I am pretty sure they didnt think it was a great tradeoff .

I only took a few pictures and the ones i have are being stubborn about loading .  I will through them on FB for you to enjoy.




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