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Rained out on Earth Day

Published on April 20, 2012 under Birds

We had an exciting field trip planned today to the park to pick up trash to celebrate earth day . After working hard Mia’s grandmother was going to treat us to Subway kids meals complete with the milk !  And.. she was going to deliver.  That.. is what I call service in her busiest time of day.  After getting up with the rain this morning and some one had turned the COLD back on outide, I decided I would prefer to reschedule for a day that we can actually enjoy the park.  Thankfully, Joni is letting us do a raincheck for Monday.  She said she is also providing a y parents meals that want to go. I asked her was she sure because we didnt want to take advantage and she said yes! So, if you are up to walking around town a bit with us and hanging out at the park, Monday we will leave the house at 10:00 am , you can join us.  No extra children though , please.

Since we were all excited about Subway today we decided to jazz our lunch up a little today.  Our boring sandwiches went over fairly well disguised as a birdhouse.

We finished our footprint art from yesterday and turned our feet into robins. So cute!



Katelyn was excited about our new puppet – the eagle.  I saw her at CherryBerry last night and told her I had bought one. It is very cool.  ( On a side note, I do have a slight puppet addiction This one will add to my already HUGE collection. )

Today we looked at two video clips that the kids found amazing.   the first one was a bird hatching from it’s shell. ( a robin )

The second clip was another bird.  We just set it on a ledge and let it run during lunch it was a little long. I had the kids guessing what kind of bird it was.  At first there was a lot of ” crow” and ” robin” answers. Then has the bird was out more I heard ” pelican” and ” ostrich”. Pretty good reasoning skills I think. They noticed that his neck was longer. It is a turkey.

We have had a very busy week . We have had inspections out the wazoo ( is that a real word?) and Randy has been working feverishly on our new CD.  We both have had a lot of late nights and busy days.  In celebration of survival  we are enjoying an pretty umbrella drink with the kids today.  ( It is grape juice – Baptist wine- and not an umbrella but a flamingo . but hey, it is bird week. )

Y’all have a fabulous weekend and we will see you on Monday  .Next week is Arkansas Children’s Week !

Oh ~! Teacher fail moment….

Remember those nest we made with glue ?   The glue is REALLY watered down now  Remember the plants the were our science experiment  – one gets water and one doesn’t  ?  They both did.   I didnt know it was supposed to rain.  :/


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