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QA Review is complete

Published on April 16, 2012 under special visitors

Today Marcy came – finally !  I thought she was late until she reminded me that we have a 90 day window now and not a  6 week window.  I was sitting at the table downloading sings for our unit this week and looked up to see her standing in the door.  Honestly my first thought was GGGRRRREEEEAAATTT… but I quickly recovered and started doing the things we do every day and the day flew by.

We don’t get the results for 3 weeks but I FELT LIKE we did ok.  In saying I FELT LIKE we did ok that means that no one puked , I didnt scream and there was no blood. There were the normal things that happened like kids picking their nose or not agreeing on something but honestly, it wouldn’t look like a ” real” day if those things didnt happen.

Marcy is always fair to us . I am excited to get our scores. The scores range from 1 – 7 .  An ABC site is supposed to get at least a 5 over all  to be in good standing.  The report will have some indicators that are less than 5 and some that are above .  I always try to look at the ones that are weak to see what we need to improve. When I stop needing improvement or run out of things to learn, it will be time to retire. ( aint . gonna. happen. )

The kids really make my job SO easy.

Indicator 21 ( math. number ) 7:3   Provider talks about number or math concepts frequently throughout the day with all age groups.

Marcy is sitting at the end of the table with her tablet and Kimber goes to the chalk board.  He starts drawing something and then puts the letters K M and O in the squares.

Me: What are you doing Kimber?

Kimber : Drawing a graph.

Me: What are the letters for?

Kimber : My friends names.

Me: Oh, I see you have a K and and M and an O. We have a lot of friends that start with K and M, don’t we?”

Kimber  – Yes, Kingston which letter are you?

Kingston – K

Me: Why do you have an O on there?

Kimber – Because Orrin’s name starts with an O.

Me – And he’s your best friend isn’t he ?

Thanks Kimber for covering this indicator for me.

This is just ONE example of things that happened today that made me look SO good. Thanks Kids!


I showed the kids how to draw a bird ( thank you pinterest ) and they did it !

Indicator 7.2

Provider initiates some appropriate activities that give children experience in working or playing together.   Ahh.. Yes.  the boys worked so hard to help move the blocks that we used to set up a maze back to their appropriate place.




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