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Wrapping up MLK Day

Published on January 20, 2012 under Art

Remember the brown paint we created yesterday ?   Today we turned that into amazing Martin Luther King.

This is called teacher directed art. The kids didnt walk over to the easel and say ” I think I am going to paint Martin Luther King.” I called them over one at a time and reminded them of the brown paper we created yesterday.  I had cut little head shapes out. Art in this form is more a practice in following directions and also, the kids can see what process you go through to make a painting , instead of just slapping some paint on the paper.  How do I use the directions to teach as we paint ?

1.  Please take the SMALL paint brush in the BLACK paint and draw ONE little pupil in EACH eye.

2.  Now take the LARGE paintbrush in the BLACK paint and give him some hair.

3. Next take the SMALL BLACK paintbrush and paint a mustache UNDER the eyes.

5.  Last , take the small paintbrush in the RED and paint lips. Now the mustache is OVER  the lips.

I love the way they turned out !

Other fun new things we had to play with today were

Star blocks that are great for fine motor and cognitive skills.

Purple sand !!  Can you see the waiting list next to the sand ?

Reminders.  Mad Scientist show this Tuesday at 6:30 at the old Vintage Inn.

We go to school all next week and the following week we are CLOSED!

Happy Weekend !


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