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Not a BAAAAAAD .. day

Published on January 25, 2012 under parent involvement

I am blogging a day late. After you have been married for at least ten years you know you spouse well enough to know that you will have to wait as he meanders through the house for two hours and you will sit and wait. So… Having so much to do last night I opted to wait and blog this morning  and utilize my waiting time.

Some of the fun we had yesterday was PUZZLES!  Danielle had a bunch of puzzles that got dumped upstairs and she brought them all down and we helped to put them together.


























We also played a game using the math skills an the terms more or less.




































We also made a list of animals we thought would make good pets.  There were some QUESTIONABLE ones on the list.. 🙂

We also had Emeri’s dog visit and Kats Dog visit.































It was such a treat for the kids to see friends animals and find out how they take care of them.

And then the GOAT arrived. Yes, I said GOAT!  Kimber has a goat at his house. He is much like a dog and wears a collar that says ” bad to the bone.”and eats dog biscuits.  I know it was tough to get him here so THANKS STACY AND GRANDPA JIM for doing this for us  It isn’t often a goat comes to our play yard!












































































To cap off an already FANTASTIC day we had a show by the MAD SCIENTIST last night with Miss Beth and Miss Linda’s Preschoolers .  The community room was reserved so we met at the ENGLISH TEA ROOM.  It was a little crowded  – sorry.   BUT, that couldn’t damper the fun and learning we had on science night.  Gary took a lot of great pictures for me but they are HUGE files so I am only loading a couple.  ( Gary if you would like to post them on our FB page, that would be wonderful  !  Thanks for taking the pictures! )




















What a GREAT GREAT DAY!  This is what preschool should be like . Constant action, learning and love.


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