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Oh Christmas Tree..

Published on December 7, 2011 under Christmas

Whew… It is 8:45 and I am sitting down for the first time today.  While the kid napped and Randy and Danielle were here I ran to the store to get things I needed for the afternoon  .  Since school has been out and I picked up Geneviette  I have been on the run. Tomorrow night and Friday night  I have two board meetings  – one in Fayetteville and one in Bentonville.  Satuday morning is our churches annual Christmas Tea for Women and I am hosting a princess tea party for the little ladies . So far there are 25 coming.  This afternoon and tonight were the only times I had to decorate.  I know.. tis the season. I am not complaining this is the life I have been given and I am so thankful to be blessed by so many.  I mainly am letting you know why the blog is late tonight and most likely the next two nights as well.

Today was a fun day.  I have these HUGE ornaments that my mom had bought.  They are really too large to hang on a tree. Today we  figured out of we put them under a piece of paper and rub we can make a beautiful picture.
















We also practiced our Christmas music and made bells to use in the program.

Other things that were going on inside were Malia pretending she is dead. ( They all actually do that a lot… ) and the boys pretending to be football coaches.  Look at the field they drew on the write on wipe off board.  Future quarterbacks !




















In dramatic play we also learn to put our clothing on by ourselves or ask a friend to help us.

We made Christmas trees from Honey Nut Cherrios and melted marshmallows today. The kids loved it. it was a little messy but we managed.  They decorated them with M and M’s.













































Even Danielle was proud of her tree – though it made her spend a few extra minutes at the gym !

Outside today was beautiful since the wind wasn’t blowing.  I spent some time out there  taking some pictures.

Danielle looks gangster in this picture. The kids are all pulling her and them playing dead after they fall.

Lets check the mail !

We have a lot of loose parts on our outdoor playspace. These loose parts allow the kids to experiment with making ramps.
















We allow the boys ( or girls ) to get rough play in outside.  I think that is something that boys need  !


























There is always at least one child that looks for worms.. always.


Kat and William just hanging out .

Im not sure what Malachy was doing in this picture but I loved it.

The main thing is.. we are all friends.  ( Scarlett said the sun was in her eyes.. ) When the kids get ready to go to sleep you hear I love you all over the rooms.  I love them. They love us and they love each other.  Preschool is learning how to have relationships and set that foundation for learning. Days like today.. are perfect for both.



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