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Pizza Pizza !

Published on November 17, 2011 under family

The highlight  of our day was Mary and Gary ( Williams parents ) coming to fix one of their quick family favorite snacks with the kids !  They spread pizza sauce on white bread and sprinkled mozzarella  cheese on top and baked.  The kids had it with their lunch and they loved it.  Quick and easy !  Thanks Mary and Gary for sharing during family week !



















































I went to the doctor this morning .  While I was gone Randy and Danielle did a great job of holding down the fort.  Danielle is doing SO good.  I texted her and asked her to take a few pictures for me for the block.  Her reply ” I am one step ahead of you. ”   Also, as the kids are lined up ready to come inside we  bring two to three in at a time so there isn’t a lot of congestion at the tables or sink.  I was inside and she was in the fence with the remaining kids.   I am trying to teach her best practice ( or quality standards ) as we go.  If you are going to learn it you might as well learn it the right way, right ?  I go to the gate to explain that any time children are standing in line for more than two minutes you should do a transition like a game , finger play etc… to occupy their time while waiting.  As I walked to the gate I could hear she already had that under control.   I said ” Wow !  Im impressed I was about to tell you that by quality standards any time we are waiting in line we find a way to occupy the kids time.” Her reply ” Umm yes mom.  I have a little experience you know – 18 years … I got this. ”  Makes my heart smile.

During small groups pawpaw Randy showed the kids a box full of artifacts.  There were brushes ,kitchen utensils , tools, a tie , makeup etc…. His question was ” Who in our family uses these things ?” The kids sorted them by who they thought used each item. There was no wrong or right answer.  Some moms use tools. Some dads cook. This small group was put together to teach them that all families are different – and that is ok.

During circle time we sang our songs, which they LOVE and worked on our little song for the Thanksgiving Luncheon.  We also read a book about a mom, daughter and a grand-daughter that lived together. Their house had burned and they moved into another . All the neighbors, family and friends came together to bring them things but they still needed a big comfy chair.  Mom was a waitress and would come home tired.  ( SIde note – As you read stories you ask questions to relate the story to things in their life . I asked ” Is your mommy ever tired?”   Kimbers reply was ” MY MOM IS NEVER TIRED! ”  I loved that. DId you know that Stacey is a single mom to Kimber and two twin 2 year olds ?  I am sure she is NEVER tired…. LOL  )  Anyway, we talked about how everyone helped the family. We were able to relate back to our fire safety unit and pull some thoughts from that time. Then, Mr. Randy brought in his money jar.  He showed them how to counts the money as it goes it.  I wonder if he is saving for a big comfy new char ?


























It was a good day.  I can say that , I didn’t get back until almost 11:00 . Time flies when you miss half the day.  🙂   I do appreciate Randy and Danielle for filling in.  I am a control freak ( you wouldn’t have guessed , right ) so it isn’t always easy.

A funny note about how kids take things literal.  I am a preschool hoarder.  I love picking up materials the kids can learn from.   I was looking for silverware for them to sort with this unit at a thrift store and happened upon a beautiful guitar type instrument from another country to display in our music center. As I go past the fence and the kids are outside ( it’s wonderful when they all run and yell. DEEEBBBBBIIIIEEEEEE . Makes you feel loved. ) they ask what it is I have in my hand.  I said  ” It is a guitar from Africa ”  Now.. remember I was gone most of the morning.  Malia has the biggest eyes and says ” YOU WENT TO AFRICA!?????”  Gotta love kids.   I thought about that again when I was reading them a story at circle and my voice cracked.   I said ” I have a frog in my throat .”  Opps.. I can only imagine what was running through their little literal minds.


Love my job.


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