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D is for Dinosaur

Published on November 8, 2011 under dinosaurs

Parent teacher conferences started this morning at 7:45.  I love visiting with my parents and sharing the little bits of knowledge that I have about raising children. I think every parent thinks it is just them – alone – makingterrible decisions as a parent.  STOP! You are all good parents. Perfect ? No.. neither was I.  There are text book ways to parent but even those methods don’t work on all kids.  We all have to look at each child and see where they are, what things in their life affects them and what will work to help them become great little mommies and daddies one day themselves.
















Melissa came to volunteer this morning which was very helpful during my conference time. Somehow she started making mask with the children in the art center and got stuck there.  We had masked children running around everywhere.
































We had new table activities out today.














































Others made up their own fun.  If you ever wondered why Dillion is a favorite of the girls , here is a good excuse why .
















We read a book at small group time and were reminded that Dinosaur starts with the letter D.  We put little round DOTS on the dinosaur. Dots starts with D also.
















Another reason we did this activity – look at those fingers taking the stickers off.  They are getting stronger to be able to write.
















We ended our play time this morning by playing ” Dino Dino , who’s got the bone?”  The bone was a dog biscuit !









We had new dinosaur fine motor activities out today.



































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