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Rainy Days Can Be Productive !

Published on October 10, 2011 under assessment

Today started out with rain.  You would think we would dread rainy days but for some reason rainy days are usually good ones for me.    I wouldn’t push my luck to have too many in a row but one every now and then is perfect.   We had time inside to play with our favorite toys and listen to Mr. Randy tell a story or two.

It was fun to watch the boys try to figure out how to put the block on top.  They didn’t remember that we have stools in the other room so they tried jumping. What happened when they jumped? It all fell down. That is how kids learn.  Sure, I could have told them to get the stools but they wouldn’t have learned as much from making their own decisions about what would work.

Just like in the next picture. Andrea wanted to use a clipboard for writing and it didn’t have any paper. She came  to me. Instead of going to get her paper  i asked her where the paper was. She pointed to the easel paper.  I said ” I think that paper might be WAY to big for that small clip board, what could you do to make it fit.?” She smiled and got scissors.

Other scenes from our free play today –

Small group time today was a math game and a scissor cutting assessment.   For the math game the kids picked an acorn that had a number on it and then placed that many leaves on the tree.

During Circle time we read the book ” What I Love About Fall” and then talked about what we each love about fall.  The kids said things like rain and leaves changing colors.   We also played a game called ” who took the leaf from the leaf pile. ” It is similar to Who Took the Cookie from the Cookie Jar but played with leaves !     We also did the squirrel dance.

A huge part of our teaching is the materials that we put out each day.   The kids are LOVING the laminated trace pages that I am putting out .  Even the boys take some time each day to visit the table and practice writing.

Today was a Monday

It was raining.


But we still had a great day.


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