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Rainboot Heaven

Published on October 12, 2011 under building community
















There was lots of spontaneous learning going on in our room today.    On days like this it is hard to stop the play to move on to my agenda.  Hm…. I will let that thought soak in a little.   What is more productive ?  The kids learning on their own or me sitting them down to teach them something I have planned ?

There was a beauty shop  going on for over an hour.   The girls took the clothes pins from one of our games and used them to hold back hair and to make capes like they use in the beauty shops. I thought it was pretty smart !   There was writing going on with the shop as well. The girls were writing on clips boards the orders for hair cuts and also writing on the capes they would put on.  I really play close attention when the kids are playing this to make sure no one grabs real scissors.  One only had one try today and it was easily averted.   I love the picture of Kimber . You can just see on his face he is saying ” No way! ”   And you would love the beauty shop chatter – just like a real shop.












































Other exciting things were going on in our playrooms today.  I saw sorting from the sensory tub.  I saw writing and / or copying from an alphabet chart .  Lots of good stuff going on.













































I have been picking up rain boots over the past several weeks to get ready for a day like today.   Several of the kids wore them in so we outfitted the rest of the kids in the ones I bought and we talked.    We talked about safety when we are on walks.  Our kiddos have already been on several  walks  and we are pretty good ! .Today we discussed before we went outside how important rules are to keep us safe.  We decided that we WOULD jump in a puddle ( what good is a walk in the rain without a rain puddle ) but we would WAIT until Ms Debbie told us it was ok.  Before going out the door I told the kids if they didn’t obey the rules  they would have to stay at the house with Randy getting lunch ready. I reminded them again – DO NOT jump in a puddle.   Im sad  to say within two minutes of walking out the door and not even off the drive way yet  two of our friends jumped spot in the middle of a puddle splashing their friends around them.  It breaks my heart but they had to turn back. A large part of learning in preschool are learning to follow rules . Listening and obeying.  It was a hard lesson but there are worse things than being stuck in the house with Randy.   When we returned they were laughing , smiling and ready for lunch.

While on our walk we saw trees that were changing colors. We saw ducks and moss growing up walls. We saw fireman.  Outside the fire station two of our friends tripped and  and two fireman friends came to make sure they were ok.   What a nice town we live in.  We also saw beautiful porches decorated for fall, we saw rushing water and stepped on LOTS of acorns that CRUNCH under our feet.

We also saw a wedding… so sweet.  The kids watched from beginning to end – the kiss !































We DO walk up Mount Olive a few times a year. It is the part of the stretch I HATE. We learn to be safe there. We all put our arms along the wall and stay away from the road.  Yes, we could turn around and go the other way  but this way we are learning and they are safe… we would not put them in harms way.

























































































And lastly –  Randy has written a song for the conference we are playing for this weekend.  It is called ” Preschool Teachers.” I  really like it. He wanted to add some kids voices with the things we hear so much through the day that make it all worth it at the end. Several if our friends went with him and Ms Bethany upstairs to our music studio to talk in the big microphone.  When it comes out on our next CD you will be the first to hear it.  Thanks  !











Enjoy our mud puddle jumping !


And I walked in a room today to see Dillion playing teacher.  I loved it.  When you hear a child ” being you” , listen closely because usually it is a true reflection.   Evidently I say ” good job” more than I should.








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