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Crazy Hat Day

Published on October 6, 2011 under Art

We had 100% participation for hat day today!   I am SO impressed. I don’t think 100% has ever happened in the history of our preschool.  Awesome parenting  ….   There was no real rhyme or reason for hat day other than it being Mad Hatters Day .
Mad Hatter Day is a great day to be silly and celebrate silliness.

The Mad Hatter is a fictional cartoon character depicted in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The Mad Hatter is always acting silly. So, on Mad Hatter Day, it is only fair and fitting to act a little silly yourself.

Despite being a silly day, the selection of the date was actually quite logical. The Mad Hatter wears a top hat. On the front of the hat is a slip of paper with “10/6” written on it. The paper is believed to be an order to make the hat, and that it costs ten shillings sixpence.

Part of our day was also spent reading the book ” Going on a Lead Hunt ” and then….. what else but… going on a leaf hunt. The kids were so proud of the leaves that they found. There were some really beautiful ones.

After examining them with our magnifiers we talked about ways we could sort them.  We decided sorting them into colors would be a great idea. But what do we do with the ones that are striped or mixed ?  We put them in a group of their own.

And then since it is Hat Day, we made hats with our leaves !


We also had a special visitor today.  Kat’s mom came to play !

It was another good day in our neighborhood.   It is nap time here and all is well. I’ll close with this cool piece of art I found.  You know…  in every child is an artist in some way or another.  Sometimes you see it in the block center as they meticulously stack the blocks in a certain formation.  Sometimes it is in dancing or singing . But everyone… is an artist in some way or another.   


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