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Farmers Market

Published on May 17, 2011 under farm


This morning I loved walking in the quiet room and the boys are there writing on the chalk table without any prompting. YAY! BOYS!

A few of the toys on the morning tables.

For small groups today we did sticker stories. I put all our stickers out on the table and explain to the kids that we are going to use the stickers to tell a story. I started out with one myself. The kids loved going through the stickers. Not only is this a great literacy activity but also fine motor as they try to get those stickers off the backer sheets. This was a lot of fun. Some of the kids stories were really great !

What was also exciting was they way I saw them use them later in the day. The girls here set up another reading area and “read their stories to each other. “
I had to brag. I found this one the floor. I first posted it on FB and I didnt know who’s it was. After we all got together as a group , I asked the kids. Geneviette said she did . I asked her how she knew how to spell spring and she said ” well, I found a piece of paper with the word spring on it and I copied it. ” NEVER.. under estimate the power of a child centered classroom that refuses to use worksheets or flashcards to teach. These kids can and do excell !
We also went to the Farmers Market today to see how some farmers sell their ” goods.” We met a bee farmer and he showed us a bee house and how they harvest the bees. We got to taste a spoon full of honey. We saw flowers and vegetables and even got to taste some cookies. For lunch we had a salad made from the greens we bought there.

Going back home….
A good day.


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