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Published on April 11, 2011 under science


Children are born with a natural curiousity. They love to find out how things work . Kids will stand at a hamsters cage for extended periods of time just to watch what he does. Why do you think they love flashlights ? Children are scientific minded from the beginning of life. Children are almost always ” doing science.” They are experiencing the world around them and developing theories of how ” it works.”
Our day started off with a little unexpected life science. Emeri’s mom stopped by to show us her new beautiful baby sister Sophia. The kids immediately starting looking at Sophia’s little body. Many of them were drawn to her fingers and finger nails. They said ” They are SO small. ” Yes, the are and only three or four short years ago yours were that small too !” SCIENCE!

Lowes donated goggles to us for this week. I did some thrift shopping to find some white shirts to be used as lab jackets and we set out exploring.
This was a fun activity we did with crayons and heat. CRAZY? No… kids can be more responsible than you think . I did supervise this activity closely and with each child reminded the rules about not touching anything black that it is HOT. The kids loved the way the crayons got soft and would glide across the paper. Before doing the activity I asked them what they thought would happen. I got answers like ” The colors will mix.” or ” It will burn like fire.”
As you can see from the pictures above – the boys were impressed.
Last week the kids planted grass in these cups. It is already growing ! SCIENCE!

Outside we try to add interesting elements that add to the kids enjoyment and curiousity.
Lights and reflection
plants growing
Wind blows this and the colors change
Wind chimes
This week the kids will be helping Randy plant and herb garden !
Girls can be scientist too !

During circle time I asked the children what is science .
These are some answers I got .
You put stuff from one cup into another.
You put yellow and green and it will make something.
You put stuff in a cup and tip it over.
You build something.
You paint something.
When you dress up pretty….
Tonight is out Mad Scientist Party at the community building at 5 30 Pm. From 5:30 – 6:30 is a family play with with science. There will be 17 science activities that parents and children can enjoy together. The activities are things like making a boat from aluminum foil and trying to make it float. What happens if we add weight to the boat ? At 6:30 the Madd Scientist will visit us and do a program/ workshop with everyone. It will be a fun night. I will add pictures to the blog tonight of all our fun .


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