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Flubber Fun

Published on April 14, 2011 under cooking with kids


Remember the experiment we started yesterday with the ” walking water?” This morning the kids came in to find all the water from the top cups emptied into the bottom cups . They were so excited!

For the tables I took out a few of my Easter activities. We had a visitor today. Teresa came to visit to observe our teaching styles. I think all teachers need to take a little time to visit other teacher. We can learn so much. I am glad she got to come but I am EXHAUSTED !
Malia working on a tracing page…. laminated. 🙂

Randy made flubber with the kids.

Then we hung it from the ceiling in a basket with holes to see what would happen. The kids LOVED IT. It was very cool to watch the flubber ooze from the basket to the table .

They wanted to put a ball in there to see what it would do.
Another fun science day to put down in the books. SUCCESS!
We also used lemon juice to shine pennies.

We made edible birds nest. Tis the season. 🙂


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