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One Potato Two Potato

Published on March 17, 2011 under math

>What a busy day! Today was my moms birthday so I took the afternoon off to celebrate with my brother while she celebrated on the streets of Heaven.

But before I left…..
We made leprechaun finders to help us tomorrow as we go on our traditional hunt !
We talked about potatoes and how they grow UNDERGROUND! Did you know that? I remember going to my uncles as a preteen and him telling me to go get some out of the garden and I looked and looked only to be told they grow UNDER THE GROUND! Who knew… not me, the city girl!
We tasted different kinds of potatoes and graphed which we liked the best. Can we just say the result did not surprise me. Potato Chips won hands down.
Tomorrow will be fun ! Check back in !

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  1. Michelle

    We have been using the Internet lately too. I used it on Groundhog Day, and the kids loved it so much, that we have been using it a lot to find information and answers to some of those crazy, never-ending questions they have and that I can't seem to ever answer 🙂

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