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Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Published on January 19, 2011 under Bears


Of course, our day started with “porridge. ” We had good ole homemade oatmeal with butter sugar and cinnamon. Of course, we also threw a lot of it in the garbage. The kids didnt really like it.

The boys enjoyed sitting on the bear rug today reading.
We graphed gummy bears today!
I love when I see the kids repeat something that we did a pervious day without prompting. Here not only is a child taking the bears on a boat ride but they also sorted them by color !
Early next week I am going to do an assessment to see how the kiddos that are going into kindergarten are doing with their letters and numbers. I decided to take out a couple number puzzles to expose them a little more. Numbers are tough for preschoolers.
Book on CD on the table today.

We watched a 5 minute you tube video on my lap top today. The kids loved it. I will link it at the bottom of this page if you want to watch it with your child.
We sorted large , medium and small

Kayla made a necklace from the counting bears.
During circle time today we talked about the story of ” Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” We talked about the difference between real and not real. Here are some facts we came up with.
The bears in the story can talk. Real bears growl.
The bears in the story live in a house . Real bears live in a cave.
The bears in the story wear clothes. Real bears do not.
We had a few more. Ask your child for more that they remember.
I had a worksampling mentor visit today. Worksampling is the method that I observe and record things the children do so that I can make accurate assessments of where they are and what I might need to work more with them on . It went well. The ladies name is Kelsey if the kids happen to mention her.
Teddy Bear picnic is TOMORROW , NOT FRIDAY. We have special visitors coming on Friday ( a mock inspection for training purposes ) and it would be too hectic.
Here is your video to enjoy.


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