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Bears and Birthdays

Published on January 17, 2011 under Bears


Today has been a slow day. Several of our friends are not here . Today we celebrated Martin Luther Kings birthday by talking about friendship and ” getting along.” In our group we do a pretty good job of that but it never hurts revisiting something so important.
We also started a unit on bears. The picture below ( which is SO flattering.. ) is me singing the song ” Brown Bear Brown Bear ” with the kids and using the storytelling props. The kids LOVE music already but sticking a hands on activity in there they dont even notice that we are learning !

Today was a teacher ” YAY! ” moment for me. Being in a classroom with different ages and abilities it is important to meet each child where they are and help and challenge. The kids love the furbies I took out last week so I am letting them hang out a little while longer. One of the children had taken them out and sorted them by color. ” I love that!” I told the child. ” Can you think of another way to sort them?” The child thought for a while . I asked him to look for things that were alike and different with the furbies. He replied ” Hair!” I said ” Yes, you can sort them by hair color!” He said or I can sort them by long hair or short hair. Well, yes you are right. I left the room and came back. He said look. Instead of having two distinct groups he had all the furbies in a line. He had lined them up from the shortest hair to the longest hair ! Wooo WHOO!! Way to go !


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