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Published on December 1, 2010 under Uncategorized


This is some artwork I added to the kids dress up room wall today!

When we got dressed to go outside today Noah was right in front of me and I thought ” that is how we dress for cold weather ” ( yes, there were others that were dressed appropriately – especially since it was a little warmer outside today. ) Many of your pull out of a garage and you dont feel the bitter cold. Or , you havent spent a whole hour outside in a while… folks, lets make sure our kids are bundled up for outdoor play this winter. 🙂 If you dont have a coat , please tell me. I will make sure your child gets one. I have extra hats and gloves here for the kids to use if they forget theirs. If your child fights with your about wearing it, please win. I am a big ” pick your battles” person but this is one to pick. Teaching proper self care is important at this age. ( Debbie, is stepping off her soapbox now. )

Has your child been singing Christmas carols ? We have been practicing and getting ready for our party on the 14th ! The kids will wear whatever you would like for them to wear that is Christmasy . I have elf hats they will wear that are red and green.


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