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Count Down to Christmas

Published on December 15, 2010 under Christmas


Last night was our Christmas Party ! This was the third party in the last week and a half that Randy and I have hosted – two of which were in our home. I am SO proud of my little elves, they did so great. We had 100% attendance and many extended family members came. What a great time of year to slow down and appreciate this season of love.

Even I got a chance to sit on old Santa’s lap !
Today we had a fun time. I had a lot of things out for the kids to choose from. I have noticed the boys have started visiting the tables of activities more each day. I always see this happen – usually it is after Christmas. Before Christmas I am freaking out thinking I am gonna need to ” pull out my old teacher directed hat to ” make sure these boys are ready for school ” and then it all starts to click for them, and I am thankful.

Today we played a game with Christmas presents. First I read Twas the night before Christmas. Small groups give me a better opportunity to point to the words ( or run my fingers over them ) as I read to show the kids the direction we read it and to emphasize again that letters make words and words put together make a sentence or a story in this case. After the book we each took turns rolling the dice . Whatever number was on top the kids would put that many small presents under the tree. They loved this game.

I love seeing the kids work together on things. Rosanna, Geneviette and Dillion colored a page together.
Cohen wanted me to take his picture with our classroom Christmas tree.

This is one of the ornaments the kids have made.


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