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Published on November 29, 2010 under Uncategorized

>Today there are transitions going on all over the place.

The kids are transitioning from being at home for four days and getting back into a routine.
We are transitioning our materials from Family and Thanksgiving to Christmas.
A busy day.
This morning was a free for all – scratch that – I meant free play for most of the morning. I gave the kids time to enjoy seeing each other and get some of that extra energy out.
Then …
We decorated some lovely candle holders that will line my walk on Thursday night for an open house I am hosting and then grace your home for years to come . I find that the things my kids made when they were little I treasure more every day.
We started a wreath but ran out of our decor. We have plans to finish that tomorrow.
We listened to some Christmas music so we can get started on our program for our party.
We had muffin tin Monday and cleared out the rest of the turkey from Thanksgiving and lots of fresh veggies and fruits.
We read a story called ” Miss Wishy Washy’s Christmas” that was about the farm animals taking a bath. She told them if they didnt take a bath, there would be no presents. Of course they did – everyone wants presents ! BUT! They took a bath in her pink bathroom in the house and used her soap and perfume ! CUTE story.
I will post pictures later . My adapter to upload is playing hide and seek and … is winning.


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