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Let’s go to the library !

Published on November 11, 2010 under fall


Our morning started off with a wonderful surprise as Audrey’s mom brought in her new baby brother that was born on Monday ! She was SO proud.

After making a flag with out handprints ,we decided to go on a walk and visit the library at story time .

What a beautiful day to take a walk. The colors of the trees were breath taking . Along the way we saw a flag and stopped to say the Pledge of Allegiance.
Then we went to our favorite place in the world – the city park .
We havent been to story time this year. So we went. I called ahead since our group is larger. The kids had a good time. Ms. Debbie, not so much. We were not welcomed… it’s a long story but I guess our group is large enough she prefers to do us one alone. The thing is , the kids can’t get the whole learning experience they get when in a new group of children. I can read stories all day long – and I do. I want them to learn to interact with children out of our group. I want them to learn to listen to other adults and show respect. The list goes on and on… but Ms Laura did sing our favorite song, the Tooty Ta ! She read a book or two on Thanksgiving and did a little dance with a wooden man.

Our walk back was beautiful !

We even saw the number 2 on a mail box like our pinata !

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