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I pledge Allegiance to the Flag

Published on November 8, 2010 under math


As the kids came in this morning they found this number two hanging from the ceiling. Many asked what it was and why it was there. Even more asked – is there candy in that ?

Today in small groups we talked about the number 2. I had a weekly reader that was about “pairs” so that went well. We found all the pairs on our body. There are tons ! When your child gets home help him find them !
Kids love to learn.. the thrive on it. The pieces of wood are from Handwriting Without Tears but one of our friends decided to use them differently and sort.

The children seemed very engaged today.

In one center they found a new calculator. This is a perfect way to learn number recognition !

In circle time we talked about veterans day. Sometimes concepts like this are hard for kids to understand so you have to talk to them in a different way. Here is how I explained who President Obama is :
Where do we live ? ( Siloam Springs ) Siloam Springs is part of Arkansas, but Arkansas is a very small part of our country. The United States is HUGE and includes many different states like Texas and California. Who is the leader in our school? ( Ms Debbie and Mr Randy ) Who is the leader at home ? ( Mom and Dad ) President Obama is the leader of our country. We talked about he has to make rules for us all to be safe and that veterans are the people that help to keep our country safe. In the older group we discussed that Geneviette’s dad was in the Army and that was his job and in the younger group Cohen explained that his dad ( in the Navy) ” fights bad guys ” We looked at a picture book about Obama and saw his LARGE WHITE house and his family. We were excited to find out that he has a daughter named Malia just like our friend at school.
We also started learning to recite the pledge of allegiance. Today we did this part:
I Pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America
This will be a fun week. I normally miss out on the 4th of July festivities so I am excited to have this week about veterans to teach our preschoolers to be proud citizens of the US.


  1. Bev

    A few years ago, we made chef hats that looked like Chef Combo's using white construction paper and big pieces of white tissue paper for the top. The kids loved them and played restaurant with them all week.

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