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Milk does the body good

Published on November 5, 2010 under Art

>Today we are finishing up our small health unit. We talked about milk and how it makes our teeth and bones strong. The kiddos in our program get milk ATLEAST twice a day.

I took 30 pictures but can’t get them to upload today for some reason. 🙁 When I get the problem straightened out I will remind you to look back at this page!
Our fun today was sorting all our play food and we have a LOT. So much in fact that after it was sorted I decided to put some away to rotate in at a later date. It was interesting to see how the kids categorized the food we had. When we were finished we had no place for the pie, cake, popcorn and ice cream. Didn’t realize it but what a great visual way to explain they don’t ” go” anywhere. Noah was on his toes today. When we got to the popcorn he placed it in the veggies pile. I asked him was he sure and he replied ” Yes, it started out as corn !” And… that is true . Some things are just too hard to explain. Then when I held up a slice of cantalope and asked what it was. Audrey replied ” a smile!” The way I was holding it looked like a smile.. so she wins! 🙂
We got a new table and chair set for the play room today. The old set had two chairs and one table. This one has four chairs and it is heavier. I may use the old set in the quiet room for games. Also, it will cut down the space the boys have to wrestle and run. That is a good thing!
There is more than one way to skin a cat and there is more than one way to use a salad spinner. today we dropped water colors on a piece of paper in the salad spinner and the kids turned the handle as fast as they could . That took some real coordination. When they opened the salad spinner they had a wonderful piece of art.
For water play today we added a hand held and powered egg beater. The kids used it to make bubbles !
In circle time we read a story called ” The wonderful pot .” All the kids have to look at is one large picture of a man and lady looking into a pot with three legs . For the older group I told the story in depth about the pot that comes alive and skips away singing and returns with food and gold. After reading I asked questions for comprehension like ” What did the pot return with the first time it skipped away?” Then I asked some questions to broaden the kids vocabulary like ” The man wanted to SELL his cow but another man offered to TRADE him the pot for his cow . What does TRADE mean ? Then to take it a step further I said ” The title of this story is ” The Wonderful Pot” if YOU wrote it what would you call it . I got great answers like ” The pot who talked” and ” The Pot of Gold.” We’ve got some smart kiddos. For the younger group, I paraphrased the story to make it shorter. When finished with the story my questions for this group were more like ” what did the pot do ” ( skip and sing ) and ” Can real pots skip and sing?”
I also videod our two favorite songs for the week … but alas I can’t upload them. Grr….
Have a great weekend everyone. I am blessed to have such a wonderful job that I love.


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