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Visiting the Health Dept

Published on October 13, 2010 under community helpers


Today we walked to the Health Department. We are so thankful we are centrally located and can visit places to learn. The whole experience is a teaching opportunity . We learn how to cross roads safely. We find reminders along the way of other things we have learned. In the pictures below two of our friends have leaves in their hands. We have been talking a lot about Fall and how the leaves will change colors and fall off the trees. We saw heavy machinery working in the creek and ducks waddling in the muddy water to find food.

When we arrived at the Health Dept we found this sign. Sarah is one of my favorite people. She is so funny and positive. Love her! If you remember last year on our leprechaun hunt we saw one lady who had GREEN hair ! This was Sarah ! She mainly talked to the kids about GERMS and hand washing. We didnt discuss shots a lot . Sarah gave the kids coloring books and cookies! What a treat! Thanks Sarah !

When we got to the park Mary, Williams mom was there. Since all 16 kids were there and someone else to take pictures, we got a group photo !

And then look what appeared ! Look closely under Randy’s arm. Sneaky Mr Gary.
Down from the Health Dept was a beautiful storefront with fall colors.
Since we were so close to the park , we played for a while.

Then we walked home.

What a wonderful day. We had circle time as a large group when we got back home and talked about the things we had heard and we looked at our egg from yesterday that we soaked in vinegar. We felt it. It was ” smooshie.” We all decided we should make sure we brush our teeth so that the germs dont eat the enamel on our teeth and make them soft and ” smooshie”.


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