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First Field Trip of 2010-2011

Published on September 13, 2010 under 5 senses


Before I give a run – down of today, let me back up to Friday to say ” Hello ” to a couple more grandparents that stopped by on Friday to help us celebrate. Audrey’s grandma and Kimbers grandpa stopped by to share the cake the kids cooked earlier in the day.

We have spent time talking about our amazing bodies . This week we are going to narrow it down to our 5 senses. Children know they can smell, see, taste , hear and touch but it hasn’t really clicked with them yet that they can use their senses to learn and discover things around us. Today we talked about our eyes and what we use them for. We read the book ” Jill’s Glasses” This helped us to understand a little more why our friend Dillion wears glasses.

We also played a few games using our eyes, like this cool new discovery bottle we have and an eye spy book. We played eye spy in our room too. ” I spy with my little eye… a …….” This is also a great way to teach colors ! ” I spy with my little eye a BLUE car.” We also played the traditional ” What’s Missing Game” . For this game I put a few things on the tray and the kids close their eyes and I take something away. They try to guess or remember , what might be missing.
Later in the morning we visited Childers Eye Clinic.
We saw a police car.

Malea’s mom, Carrie went with us. Thanks Carrie! With this being our first field trip we needed an extra set of hands. I did think though that the kids did GREAT!

At the office Dr Kate showed us what they would do if we came in for an eye appointment.

She assured us that none of this hurts. She even let Noah try out the equipment. We think he looked like a robot.
We had a great day.

If you would like to read more about your child having an eye exam , please visit here.
We walked in great lines to stay safe.
We saw an apple tree.
We saw a post man.
We left with goodies ! A CD and coozie for the adults and a ball for the kids. Thanks Lori !
Muffin Tin Monday!


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