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Whew… Day 2

Published on August 24, 2010 under Uncategorized


Day TWO! I won’t say that day two was easier but it felt more routine. That is what we spend the first few days ( sometimes MANY days) of preschool doing – learning routines. You can’t expect children to walk into a place they have never been and just instinctively know how it all works. I know, you are probably thinking – how hard is it to watch children play. Well… we learn HOW to wash our hands . ( Water, soap, rub until you make good bubbles , rinse and then dry ) and WHEN to wash our hands ( any time we walk in the door, after using the restroom, before and after eating, before and after using playdoh or other sensory materials , if we pick our nose… you get it. ) We wash a LOT ! We learn where our materials go. That teaches independence. It can be overwhelming and personally I don’t want to spend my day just spouting RULES.. so we take a little at a time. Today, we added the paint easel. We learned step by step how to paint. There are little steps that make them more successful such as putting on a smock or wiping some of the paint off our brush before we start to paint. After today that center will be available all day – every day . Tomorrow we will learn 3 D art. So, all you recycle people out there, please bring a bag of boxes , cartons, etc… anything you can find that we can tape or glue together to learn how to make art that has height and depth. I love the new placement of our art easel by the sink !

Mom, look ! I am getting married! Malia is our new social butterfly. I like to call kiddos like her the walmart greeter. She greets everyone . Almost always it is with a hug – whether they want it or not. 🙂

More pictures from our fun day! We had no runners today and EVERYONE is sound asleep at nap. Ah….


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